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Secrets Of Sarawak

With 27 ethnic groups, 45 different languages, a long and fascinating history, Sarawakian culture is a multicoloured fabric created from many strands to form a rich, inviting tapestry. Mystic cosmologies and ancestral beliefs wrought on wood, stone, textile and canvas. Tattoo artistry that’s age-old, yet remarkably “in.” The world’s only cat museum. Ancient tribal rhythms. Funky jungle jazz. The more you experience, the more you’ll want to discover!

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“Sia Sitok Sarawak” Intrastate Tour Packages is a collaboration between the
Sarawak Tourism Board (STB) and the Sarawak Tourism Federation (STF).
The STF consortium, which comprises licensed tour agencies and inbound
tour operators in Sarawak, will be providing tour services to all buyers under
these Packages.

  • The booking period of this initiative ends on 31st December 2020.
  • Traveling dates starts from 1 August 2020 to 31st March 2021.
  • All tours displayed and offered under Sia Sitok Sarawak have been
    discounted 50% (NETT)
  • Tours purchased are not refundable – but customers could request to change their tour dates in an event of bad weather, tour cancellation etc.
  • Note: Packages are subject to change and announcements by

Sia Sitok Sarawak deals are intended for:


For All Sarawakians and Non-Sarawakians residing in Sarawak (with work permit)


All Sarawak Covid-19 Frontliners and Relief Workers, including Medical Staff, PDRM, RELA, Army, APMM, BOMBA, SDMC Staff and others, as the Tourism Industry’s gesture of appreciation for their relief efforts throughout the Covid-19 crisis.

Booking a Tour

  1. Customer(s) to select any tour(s) from the siasitoksarawak.rezgo.com
  2. Strictly only ONLINE purchases of tours from this website are eligible
    to enjoy the 50% off limited offer. Customers pay online through the
    payment gateway and receive a confirmation email for the paid
    booking. Please book and pay for your tour at least four (4) days before
    the intended travel date
  3. A tour operator designated by the STF will liaise with the Customer in
    three (3) days. The tour operator will arrange the tour itinerary for the
    Customer and communicate with them directly.
  4. Enjoy your tour and explore Sarawak!

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